Overseas transaction fees on entries

Recently some of our community noticed that they had been charged overseas transaction fees by their banks when paying TRSA entries or membership.

This was caused by Activeworks recently changing their payment processing provider and an error in setting up the new merchant account which affected some Australian customers.

Activeworks is committed to rectifying this issue and will reimburse the full amount of any international transaction fees charged by your bank. 

You can request a refund by following these steps:

How to request a reimbursement

1. Please check your bank statement for any international transaction fees related to your event or membership registration.

2. Email ACTIVE Network at support@activenetwork.com with the subject line: International Fee Reimbursement.

3. Please include the following in the email:

  • Name of the cardholder
  • Screenshot of the international fee amount charged
  • Event Order number
  • Transaction date
  • The last 4 digits of the credit card used

You can expect that your reimbursements will be processed within 30 business days from the date Activeworks receives all required information.

Due to privacy requirements, TRSA does not have access to the names of people who may have been charged this amount. We can only encourage you to check your bank accounts.