Club emails and race briefings

TRSA uses Mailchimp and RaceRoster to distribute emails and race briefings.

Despite our best efforts, we have a number of trail runners contact us after each mail-out or race briefing with complaints about not receiving this correspondence.

After significant Googling, we have done everything possible to ensure the fault is not on our end.

We understand your frustration because we feel it too. It is literally soaking up hours of our volunteer time each month.

We have identified the following problems:

1. Spam filters – emails are often sorted through your spam filter settings. Please check your spam and junk folders

We have removed links in our emails that could be potentially identified as spam.

2. Save us our email address as a safe or trusted sender. Different mail servers have different ways to do this but here are the gmail instructions.

3. Unsubscribes. We have a number of people on our lists who have unsubscribed over the years. Hard though this might be to imagine, it happens! Mailchimp does not allow us to fix this on our end. Please resubscribe – we’re not in the habit of spamming you.

4. Email address typos. Believe it or not there are a lot of email address with typos out there. Please check your email address carefully.

5. Multiple email addresses. Please use the same email address for membership and race entries. Different emails will result in members not receiving their super special discount rate.

6. Different spellings of names across membership records and race entries. For example Nicky versus Nicole; ODonnell versus O’Donnell. This completely brings us undone for our membership super specials as well as our On-the-Trails points series and ITRA ratings. You MUST BE CONSISTENT with your naming convention and spelling.

Not receiving emails or briefings?

Moving forward all race briefings will be posted on event webpages. We will still email out briefings. If you do not receive a briefing please download a copy from the web.

If you are still not receiving member super special emails, and you have checked all of the above, please contact us at Remember that your member super special must be used within 48-hours of the preceding event. Do not leave it until the last minute to contact us – we are volunteers and not always available.