Volunteer with us

So you’d like to volunteer? Let’s get started!


All events need:

  • set up/pack up crews
  • course marshals
  • route setters
  • drivers
  • drink station attendants
  • car parking attendants
  • course markers or demarkers
  • registration crew
  • sweepers

We call for volunteers before each event on our Facebook page.

Our success depends on you! 

Join our merry band of volunteers.

Volunteer at our "On the Trails events"

Fill out the form on our new registration site – it’s easy! You can nominate what you’d like to do and we will confirm with you closer to the event.

Click "volunteer" in the left hand menu

Thank you for volunteering

Need to contact our volunteer coordinator urgently?

If you are a volunteer at an event and need to get in touch urgently, please send us an email.

Volunteers at TRSA